These floors are poured in place on-site; they form a continuously bonded, non porous surface throughout. We provide an…  Read More

Marble/Stone Restoration
We have years of experience restoring and maintaining marble, granite, terrazzo, concrete, limestone and ceramic. Our Staff has serviced over 10 million square feet of flooring at… Read More

Nurazzo® & Tate® Access Finishing
Terrazzo is a composite material, poured in place or precast (Nurazzo®), which is used for floor and wall treatments. It consists of… Read More

Terrazzo/Natural Stone
We provide technical support for Nurazzo® and Tate® finishing to distributors, vendors, installers all across the country. Please feel free to come to us for…  Read More

Tile/Grout Repair
Our cleaning strategy is unique. Instead of dissolving dirt, grime, and grease by scrubbing, mopping and spreading the grime around, our tools use… Read More

Wood Finishing
We provide finishes with durability, stability, cost competitive pricing, along with exceptional service. Our installers make it there mission in life to…  Read More

We also Install, Maintain, and Repair:

  • Flooring, Walls and Counter Tops
  • Epoxy & Cement Terrazzo Pour-in-Place Installation
  • Customized Maintenance Programs for Stone & Metal
  • Residential & Commercial Hardwood Floor Sanding, Screening & Polishing
  • Stone Sealing & Impregnating
  • Concrete Polishing, Staining & Dying
  • Strip & Wax and Carpet Cleaning